May 30, 2024

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The Tom Dixon Melt Chandelier and Melt LED Light

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The Melt Chandelier is a mesmerizing sculptural light that appears to melt like hot blown glass. It’s available in four different colors, and its designer, Tom Dixon, has taken this concept to the next level by creating LED versions of the iconic design. The Melt also comes in Table and Floor versions.

Tom Dixon’s Melt Chandelier is a mesmerizing, sculptural light that appears to melt like hot blown glass

The Melt chandelier is a stunning example of contemporary design. Its sculptural design is reminiscent of the melting of hot blown glass. The Melt is a self-taught designer who has been a trailblazer in the field for the past three decades. The self-taught designer has always been inspired by new materials and construction techniques.

The design evokes molten glass, glaciers, and other forms that can be imagined as melting glass. Its sculptural light has a slightly hallucinogenic effect that resembles that of hot blown glass when switched on. At off-times, it produces a mirror-finish effect. Made in Germany using a high-tech manufacturing process, the Melt is available in four metallic finishes and incorporates an integrated LED module. Replacement components are available for individual drivers and globes.

It is now available as an LED version

The Melt family of lamps now comes with an LED version. The new designs have a unique LED ring built into the mount. The LED ring produces the same effect as a hot-blown glass lamp. The lamps are available in chandelier and pendant versions in a variety of modern finishes.

The Melt LED Pendant is a stunning lighting fixture with a unique shape and detailed interior. It is available in several finishes including white and gold. It is incredibly easy to install, thanks to a new LED technology. It also features a high-performance, dimmable LED.

The LED version of the Melt range features a new LED module that offers increased energy efficiency, longer life and improved performance. The LED module is also serviceable, with replacement components and individual drivers available for repair. The new Melt is available in a pendant, floor light, table light, and wall sconce.

It is available in four colors

The Tom Dixon Melt Light is a striking pendant lamp. It has been designed by the renowned British interior designer, Tom Dixon. Having founded his own brand in 2002, Dixon has made a name for himself using unusual materials and innovative elements in his designs. Available in four colors: red, blue, white, and copper, the Melt Pendant is a unique, eye-catching design that will liven up any room.

The pendant Melt is available in four different color choices and in two sizes. The large version (O48 cm) can be used as a ceiling light, while the smaller one can be used on a wall. The four available finishes make the Melt Pendant a versatile option, as the individual pieces can be used individually or grouped together in a stunning cluster. The Melt Pendant is one of four models in the Tom Dixon Melt collection. The series includes floor, wall, and table lamps.

The Melt Pendant Light is one of the most unique lighting fixtures on the market. It features an abstract shape and a highly detailed interior. The pendant uses one LED to illuminate the entire piece, providing a beautiful and unique lighting effect.

It is designed by maverick designer Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is one of the most famous names in design. Part French, part Latvian, and born in Tunisia, he has lived in London for most of his life. He enrolled in the Chelsea College of Art and Design at the age of 20, but was unable to complete his studies due to a motorbike accident. Despite not having formal design training, Dixon has been a full-time designer and entrepreneur ever since. His designs have been featured in many prominent interiors worldwide, from the Alto restaurant in Hong Kong to the Bronte restaurant in London. He has also opened a dedicated retail store in Los Angeles, where his products are sold.

Dixon has collaborated with many major manufacturers, including Cappellini and Habitat. His design firm, Design Research Studio, has produced a wide range of unique pieces in collaboration with leading companies and universities. Dixon has received several awards and honors for his work, including an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II. His work is included in museums and galleries worldwide.