May 30, 2024

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Black Ball Light Review

1 min read

black ball light

The black ball light is the quintessential home lighting solution for the modern day do-it-yourselfer. Despite the name, the product is a breeze to install and maintain. It boasts seven lighting modes and a slick control panel. And the best part is, it’s a breeze to keep the batteries in check! Not to mention, you’ll have your pick of a selection of color schemes to choose from, with the option to switch things up as needed. Plus, there’s an impressive number of watts to be had. Considering that it’s rated for up to three hours of simulated lighting per charge, it’s a nifty bit of kit.

The mini black ball light is the aforementioned marvel, albeit on a budget. The price tag, in the neighborhood of $600, isn’t a lot of money to toss out. The small and slender box looks like it’s worth every penny, but the company’s a big fan of user customization. A quick perusal of their catalogue confirms that.