May 30, 2024

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8 Designer Table Lamps That Never Go Out of Style

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Lighting is one of the most pleasing elements in the home. With its sculptural shape, it is both an ornament to beautify a space and a practical function. It’s usually small in size, but has as much impact as large pieces of furniture in shaping the mood of the entire space.

The shapes of lamps and lanterns are ever-changing, which is where designers can play with countless possibilities. As a result, many great designs have been born that turn a simple light source into a work of art.

AJ table lamp

The minimalist design of the AJ series has clean lines, most notably the asymmetrical design of the lampshade, which casts light directly downward, and the head of the lampshade can be rotated left and right to adjust the angle, making it ideal for use as a reading or work light. The hollowed-out circle on the lamp base imitates the design of an early table lamp that can be placed in an ashtray.

PH table lamp

The classic of the PH series lamps is that there is a scientific mystery in its beauty. Poul Henningsen uses the “isometric spiral” in the mathematical principle to calculate the diameter ratio, downward curvature and angle of the three-layer lampshade. The purpose is to reflect and refract the light on the surface of the lampshade, blur the real light source and make the light change. be soft.

IC Lights table lamp

IC Lights was designed in 2013. It has not a long history, but it is one of the most copied and referenced designs in recent years. The rounded lamp rests on a metal stand with clean lines, which seems to defy the normal laws of physics, appearing to be suspended in mid-air and about to fall. Its design successfully challenges balance while incorporating minimalist, geometric elements and a poetic elegance.

Grasshopper table lamp

Architect and designer Greta Grossman is an outstanding female pioneer, playing a pivotal role in this male-dominated field. Grossman is deeply influenced by European modernism, and the iconic 1947 light fixture Grasshopper combines minimalism, high functionality and unique personality. The Grasshopper table lamp is sophisticated and modern with its clean-lined brass base combined with a slender, tapered shade.

Atollo table lamp

Atollo table lamps are known for their minimalist geometric compositions, three basic geometric shapes – cylinder, cone and sphere – come together to transform a functional household item into a perfectly proportioned abstract sculpture. Atollo symbolizes the simplicity and elegance of Italian design, and also changes people’s imagination of traditional table lamps, presenting a stunning look different from other classic lamps.

Tizio table lamp

Tizio uses halogen bulbs, a small light source that provides highly concentrated light. In the 70s, when halogen lamps were rarely used outside the automotive industry, the Tizio was the first low-voltage halogen table lamp, a revolutionary breakthrough in lighting design and one of the reasons it is still practical and modern today.

Tolomeo table lamp

The Tolomeo table lamp starts from the aluminum base and ends with the lampshade, like a compass with a large degree of tension, the lamp arm has a large adjustment range, and the lampshade can also be rotated 360 degrees, so it can pose a variety of difficult poses, will not Fall down easily. Later, Tolomeo also gradually developed into a huge family, ranging from table lamps to floor lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, clip lamps, etc. The materials are not only aluminum, but also different materials and colors such as parchment and fabric.

Taccia table lamp

The Taccia table lamp looks like an upside-down chandelier and is also called a “radar lamp” because of its distinctive shape. On its cylindrical base is a deep transparent glass bowl, the surface of which is covered with an aluminum gravure, and the light projected by the bulb is reflected by the aluminum plate and diffused through the glass bowl. Whimsical forms and eye-catching shapes provide a distinctive approach to everyday lighting and add a little bit of fun to life.

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