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Choose different lights for different rooms

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At present, the lamps and lanterns on the market have various styles, complete functions, different uses, and the price difference is huge, but people do not know how to buy lamps. Especially people who buy lamps for the first time often feel confused, and the lamps they fancy are slow to start, for fear that they will not get the desired effect after buying them back.

In fact, different types of lamps, lamp light sources, lamp types and shapes will form different spatial effects. How to choose lamps that can form a healthy and livable living environment, or how to choose lamps that can not only meet the characteristics of space, but also meet the aesthetic needs of the home environment? Next, we will explain how to choose the best lamps from each space.

Selection of living room lamps

As a central area for family members’ activities and a place to receive relatives and friends, the choice of lamps is not suitable.

For a small living room, the choice of lighting in the living room should not be too large and exaggerated. If the room is taller, you can use an incandescent chandelier or a larger circular chandelier to make the living room airy and comfortable. But choose one with a wide luminosity.

On the contrary, if the room is low, you can use ceiling lamps and floor lamps, which will make the living room feel contemporary. But in the shape and color matching of lamps and lanterns, you must choose the style that matches the living room furniture.

Restaurant lighting selection

According to the dining table lighting requirements of the restaurant, most families will install chandeliers on the dining table, and most of them choose the lamps that are strongly directed downward or can be pulled down. The lampshade can be made of glass, plastic or metal with a smooth appearance, which is easy to scrub at any time.

Generally, the distance between the chandelier and the table is 600mm~700mm in height. If it is too low, it will give people a sense of depression. You can also add warm-colored wall lamps on the surrounding walls to create a sense of ritual and increase appetite.

Bedroom lighting selection

The types of lights in the bedroom will be relatively more. Ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, bedside lamps, etc. It can be adjusted and mixed at will when doing different things to create a warm atmosphere.

If the height of the room is less than 2.5m and the area is small, it is best not to install chandeliers, but one or two good-looking wall lamps can be used, which can not only provide lighting, but also play a decorative role. A small table lamp can also be placed at the head of the bed, suitable for those who like to read before going to bed at night.

Selection of study lamps

The lighting of the study should be mainly bright and not dazzling, and incandescent lamps are commonly used. The desk lamp of the desk should adapt to the nature of work and study, the light should be downward, and the light source should be concentrated at a certain angle.

Small spotlights can also be added to the bookcase, which not only can play a role in lighting, but more importantly, it can keep the temperature and prevent books from being damp and rotten. This is most practical in the South.

Kitchen, bathroom, aisle lighting selection

You can use ceiling lights in the kitchen, bathroom, and aisle. Because the luminosity itself is not particularly large, and there is relatively more dust and water vapor, it is more convenient to clean with a ceiling lamp.

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