May 30, 2024

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Practical Tips for Bedroom Furniture Arrangement

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The bedroom has always been a relatively private space. In people’s daily life, about one-third of the time is spent in the bedroom. As a place where the family lives and lives, the choice and layout of bedroom furniture is still very important for the entire home. Today, I will list a few methods and skills for soft decoration of bedroom furniture. Let’s take a look.


The bedroom is a place to rest and sleep, and the choice of bed is very important. Having a comfortable and warm big bed is the key to ensuring a good quality of sleep every day.

The layout of the bed is actually very particular. If it is a single bed, it can be placed against the wall, leaving only one side passage. If it is a double bed, you need to leave a certain amount of space on both sides of the bed to move around and place other furniture.

The choice of bed can choose iron or solid wood bed, it is best not to choose synthetic wood bed, because this kind of bed is glued together, which contains a lot of formaldehyde, sleeping on such a bed for a long time is harmful to human health. great danger.

Bedside table

The choice of bedside table should echo the overall style of the bedroom. Choose a bedside table with legs, whose legs and feet can create a sense of light and space. You don’t have to buy two identical bedside tables and place them on both sides of the bed. You can use a small coffee table and a small shelf instead. Used to place desk lamps, alarm clocks and mobile phones.

It is also best to design multiple sockets and switches for charging at the bedside table.


The wardrobe is also an integral part of the bedroom, if the bedroom space is large, it can be designed as a walk-in closet. If the bedroom space is not very large, install a large wardrobe that stands above the ground to increase the storage space, and the top is not left empty, it is not easy to hide dirt, it is easy to clean, and it can greatly enhance the sense of space.

The choice of wardrobe should also match the overall style of the room. You can choose a wardrobe with sliding doors instead of a transparent glass wardrobe. This kind of wardrobe looks neat and atmospheric on the Internet, but it is actually not suitable for daily home use.

Dressing table or writing desk

In the master bedroom or a bedroom with girls, a dressing table is generally installed. The position of the dressing table is best designed by the window, with sufficient sunlight and good light. The dressing table can be either with mirror or with locker.

Or if there are students and children at home, you can design a writing desk for study, to enhance the functionality of the bedroom, or for office use.


The light in the bedroom should not be too strong, too strong light will stimulate the eyes and affect sleep. Therefore, it is not recommended to install ceiling chandeliers and various downlights with strong light emission. It is best to use cool colors or natural light sources to give people a comfortable and gentle feeling.

Of course, in addition to normal lighting, you can also put some decorative lights in the bedroom. You can choose warm-colored lamps and put them on the bedside. The bedside lamp can be a wall lamp or a floor lamp to increase the three-dimensional effect of the space.

Curtains or bedding

The curtain area in the bedroom is large, which affects the overall style. Therefore, when choosing curtains, you can choose light colors, light materials, and simple and generous styles. If you choose dark curtains, the bedroom will be dull. If you want to block the light, you can add a layer of shading cloth.

Similarly, in the choice of bedding, try to choose simple and light-colored cotton. Good bedding is also the key to affecting the sleep happiness index.

Well, the above are some tips for choosing soft furnishings in the bedroom that I shared this time, I hope it can help you.

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