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Introduction of 4 common dining table materials

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Solid wood dining table

Solid wood dining table is the choice of many people, with good texture and good texture. It is suitable for various styles, but the solid wood dining table is delicate and afraid of oil stains and water stains, so you should pay more attention to the use.

Solid wood dining table surface treatment methods are mainly divided into two types: water-based paint or wood wax oil.

From the perspective of environmental protection: wood wax oil painting is more welcome than water-based paint-painted solid wood dining table, because the components of wood wax oil are all natural oils and do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Recommendations for dining table purchase: If you buy high-grade wood species such as oak, black walnut, ash, etc., you can consider buying open lacquer or wood wax oil treatment, but pay attention to maintenance and regularly apply wood wax oil. Or add a piece of glass on top.

If the purchase is not a hardwood such as oak or black walnut, it is recommended to choose a closed coating method, because it can isolate oil and water, it is not easy to penetrate, and the cracking and deformation of the solid wood dining table are reduced. When buying, look at it, the solid wood dining table with heavy quality is relatively good.

Glass dining table

The glass dining table is very environmentally friendly and easy to clean, without pollution and radiation, but the glass is easy to break and the appearance is not high.

Buying suggestion: It is recommended to buy a glass dining table with the 3c logo, and it will be safer with tempering.

Marble dining table

Marble dining table is the representative of high-end, suitable for large apartment. It is smooth and high-grade, but the marble dining table is easy to bleed, and the cost is also expensive, especially the price of a whole block of marble dining table is very expensive.

Buying suggestion: The smoothness of the surface should be bright enough, and it is best to see the silhouette. There will be no scratches even if it is scratched, and it depends on whether the inlay of the marble and the legs is firm.

Burnt stone dining table

The fire stone dining table is resistant to dirt and wear, waterproof, will not fade, and is easy to maintain and use. But the style is relatively bulky and easy to hide stains, so it should be cleaned with a brush regularly.

Buying suggestion: Burning stone is relatively bulky. When buying, look at the supporting material. Choose steel frame and solid wood to be stronger and more durable.

The price of the table made of artificial board is relatively moderate, which is suitable for most people’s choice. It is relatively less expensive to maintain than a solid wood dining table, has more stable physical properties, hardly cracks, and is cost-effective.

Buying suggestion: It is recommended to buy wood-based panel dining table made of blockboard or multi-layer board + solid wood veneer above 1mm. This type of dining table is relatively strong, durable, high temperature resistant, and not afraid of moisture. It is not recommended to buy artificial dining table made of particle board or MDF + non-solid wood veneer. This kind of dining table is relatively not so environmentally friendly, it is very afraid of water, and it is easy to foam at high temperature.

Environmental protection: glass dining table > fire stone dining table > marble dining table > solid wood dining table > wood-based panel dining table

Price: marble dining table > solid wood dining table > burnt stone dining table > wood-based panel dining table > glass dining table

Durability: Fired stone dining table > glass dining table > marble dining table > wood-based panel dining table > solid wood dining table

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