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The most popular dining tables for you to choose

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The warmest moment in life is when the family gets together to enjoy the delicious food made by themselves, and the dining table is an important piece of furniture to maintain warmth.

Every family is different, and the type of apartment, style, number of people dining, etc. make the choice of dining table more cautious. Today we will analyze in detail how to choose a suitable dining table for you!

Rectangular dining table

Advantages: The rectangular dining table is currently the most popular dining table style, giving people a formal feeling. It is suitable for rectangular restaurants, which will make the restaurant high-end. Rectangular dining tables are available for large and small restaurants.

Disadvantages: sharp corners, easy to bump people.

Suitable for apartment type and family: The rectangular dining table is suitable for all families, suitable for more than 3-5 people dining. Rectangular units are suitable for rectangular dining tables.

Round dining table

Advantages: The round dining table is also the style that many Chinese people like to choose. The round shape can gather popularity and symbolize the reunion of family members. And the round dining table has no sharp corners, so it will not hurt people’s bodies. Disadvantages: The round dining table needs a large walking distance, so it is recommended to use a round dining table for restaurants with more than 10 square meters to look good.

Suitable for units and families: suitable for families with a large number of people, 6-8 people dining. The dining area is sufficient or square, and a round dining table can be used if it is larger than 10 square meters.

Square dining table

Advantages: The square dining table is stable and stable. Like our ancients’ favorite Baxian table, it is rectangular, which means that the family is safe and sound. It is recommended for restaurants suitable for small-sized families, and the square dining table is very space-saving.

Disadvantages: There are sharp corners, if you are not careful, you will hit the corners. Seating is limited, with a maximum of 4 people.

Suitable for apartment type and family: suitable for family dining with less than 4 people, suitable for small apartment type if the restaurant area is less than 5 square meters.

Oval dining table

Advantages: The advantages of the rectangular dining table and the round dining table are combined. There are no sharp corners that will not bump into people, and there are many people sitting. Disadvantages: Pay attention to style and style when choosing, otherwise it will look too cheap.

Suitable for apartment type and family: suitable for family dining with 4-6 people, usually like to party, medium and large apartment with a restaurant area of ​​more than 10 square meters.

Folding dining table

Advantages: Make up for other table size limitations, the table can be opened at any time, and can accommodate up to 10 people at the same time. Very space saving.

Disadvantages: It takes a lot of effort to open and fold. It is recommended to buy products with good quality, otherwise there will be problems after a few uses.

Suitable for apartment type and family: It is suitable for often entertaining guests at home, but the apartment type space is small. Small and medium-sized apartments with a restaurant area of ​​less than 8 square meters.

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